Africa Hope Initiatives

Child Hope Center, Kigali, Rwanda

Africa Hope Initiatives was founded in 1998 to provide micro loans to women who had to sell themselves in order to survive after the 1994 genocide in which over a million people died in 100 days. Decades of turmoil between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic designations culminated in Hutu-led government officials  inciting the Hutus to slaughter their Tutsi friends and neighbors. In the aftermath of this tragic, dark moment in the history of Rwanda, women who lost their husbands found themselves in desperate times to care for their families. The plight of these women touched the heart of Bishop Theophile Rugubira of Harvest Christian Church in Kigali  He recognized the value of inviting these women to find their identity in Christ. The micro loans have enabled them to have a legitimate source of income. Now there is great need to focus on the next generation.

Africa Hope Initiatives has developed a comprehensive plan to establish an after-school program called the Child Hope Center in Kigali. In partnership with Mission Life, the Child Hope Center will provide:

  • A daily meal
  • Bible lessons
  • Homework help
  • Sports
  • Crafts
  • School fees & supplies

All of this, and more, will be provided in a comfortable and safe environment where strong relationships can be formed between children, parents and other educators.

Recent Updates

Kigali Video Update - Why We Are There!

Published Mon, Mar 11, 19. Written by Ryan Getchell.

Mission Life's Founder/CEO Angel Galvis and Bishop Theophile Rugubira of Harvest Christian Church talk about the needs of the children in Kigali and why the assistance Mission Life can provide is so important.

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Africa Hope Initiative - Child Hope Center