Fundacion Formavida

Bogota, Colombia

Formavida is a non-profit organization created for the vulnerable and the needy populations of Bogota, Colombia. They offer educational, social and cultural programs that seek to transform individuals and their communities and to reach the most underprivileged of society by providing training and developmental opportunities.

Recent Updates

Adken Alexander Alarcon Muñoz Gomez

Adken Alexander enjoys the sun and fresh air on the terrace of the home he shares with his mother. Adken dreams ...

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Alexandra Unriza Oliveros Rodriguez

Alexandra Unriza lives with her mom, her grandmother and 3 siblings where she helps with housework and loves ric...

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Alex Manuel Cristancho

Spending time at the Foundation helps Alex Manuel learn about God so he can help others know God. When he grows ...

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Ana Paula Castro Benites

Ana Paula lives with her father, who works as a builder, her stepmother and 4 brothers. She enjoys her time at t...

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Anderson David Muhete Beltran

Anderson David is in third grade. He lives with his parents and sisters. Both of his parents work, his mother in...

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Andreina Paola Catro Torres

At the Foundation, Andreina Paola leaves each day thinking about what she has learned about God. That God is our...

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Andres Felipe Cruz Rodriguez

Attending the Foundation is important to Andres Felipe for several reasons. He likes to learn about God's word a...

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Angela Sofia Largo Cetina

Angela Sofia loves fruit--mango, strawberries, and blackberries are her favorites. She feels loved at the Founda...

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Angel David Amaris Angul

Angel David has four siblings and lives with his step father and his mother. He wants to be a policeman when he ...

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Angel David Amesquita Rubio

Angel David Amesquita Rubio lives with his father, a construction worker, and his dog Quira. His older brother l...

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Angel David Cristancho Cruz

Angel David lives with his father, mother and brother. His father provides for their family working as a securit...

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Antony Jose Pineda Moreno

Antony Jose lives with his mother, aunt, two brothers, and cousin. With your sponsorship, it will be possible f...

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