Exodo Foundation

Villa Canales, Guatemala

Exodo Foundation in Guatemala was established in 1978 as the umbrella organization for:

  • Healing of the Nations Church in Valles del Lago, in the outskirts of Guatemala City in Guatemala
  • The Norma Ferrell Surgical Center
  • The “Samuel Ministry” for under-resourced children
  • Outreach to remote villages in Guatemala with basic resources and spiritual teaching

Exodo Foundation creates opportunities for their volunteers to see the world in a different way and bring joy and fulfillment to their lives. Mission Life now has the opportunity to bring missionaries to Guatemala who will assist Exodo with their impact on a community that is in need of love, friendship, and basic human kindness. These missionaries will discover what it is like to be part of something bigger while making a tremendous difference.

Mission Life is excited to come alongside Exodo’s “Samuel Ministry” through our child sponsorship model. In addition to serving daily hot lunches, “Samuel Ministry” provides these precious, under-resourced children with Bible knowledge and spiritual growth; homework help and tutoring; arts and crafts; and sports activities. Using trained personnel, “Samuel Ministry” creates a wonderful place for personalized attention and changed lives One child at a time.

Recent Updates

New Partner Announcement: Exodo Foundation

Published Wed, Mar 27, 19. Written by Ryan Getchell.

Mission Life is pleased to announce the newest addition to our partnership family, the Exodo Foundation!  Sponsorships are now available!

Click here to Sponsor a Child

Based in Villa Canales, Guatemala, the Exodo Foundation is an Umbrella organization that provides support and oversees the different aspects of ministry that includes Church Healing of the Nations, the Norma Ferrell Surgical Center, and village outreach to bring basic resources, evangelize, and provide deworming events.

Stephanie Hawley, the President of Foundation Exodo not only founded two churches, but has also been dedicated, since 1987, to bringing healing on a spiritual and physical level to anyone that she approaches. Stephanie and her team routinely travel hundreds of miles to places where no one else dares to go where they bring the good news of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mission Life is excited to come alongside Exodo’s Samuel Ministry through our child sponsorship model. In addition to serving daily hot lunches, Samuel Ministry provides these precious, under-resourced children with Bible knowledge and spiritual growth, homework help and tutoring, arts and crafts, and sports activities. By using trained personnel, Samuel Ministry creates a wonderful, safe, and inviting place for personalized attention which fosters growth in the subjects in which the children need improvement.

In addition to sponsorships, Mission Life is seeking to raise funds to help Exodo expand their Child Center. Please visit our Child Center campaign for more information. Always remember: when we give, lives change.

Adry Beatriz Lopez Guillen

Adry Beatriz likes to learn about the Word of God at the Samuel Ministry program. When she plays jumprope (her f...

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Aleyda Rubi Valdez Mendez

Aleyda Ruby has a gentle spirit who loves learning God's values to live in peace with God and people. She is the...

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Amsi Areli Garcia Ramos

Amsi is in the 4th grade and lives with her paternal grandparents and two younger sisters. The Samuel Ministry c...

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Angee Karoline Odette Granados Hernandez

A first grader, Angee and her 3 sisters live with their single mom (her father abandoned their home to live in H...

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Angel Isaac Chan Lopez

Angel Isaac has a younger sister he loves very much. They live with their mother and father, who is a free-lance...

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Anthony Joseph Perez Gaborit

Everyone calls him Anthony! And Anthony dreams of traveling all over the world preaching the Word of God so ever...

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Astrid Vanessa Ramirez Martinez

Astrid Vanessa is in 2nd grade and lives with her mother who works hard cleaning houses to support their househo...

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Brayan Alexander Aquino Ixchop

Brayan Alexander is in preschool and lives with his father and stepmother. The Samuel Ministry plays a big role ...

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Brithani Andrea Arriaga Leiva

Brithani hopes to be a teacher when she grows up. Right now, she is in 3rd grade. In Guatemala, many children le...

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Cristaly Jasmin Garcia Bran

Cristaly Jasmin is in 3rd grade and lives with her parents and an older brother. Her father works in a clothing ...

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Dafne Mishel Hernandez Sotoj

A 5th grader, Dafne Mishel lives with her mother and dreams of being a teacher some day. She enjoys teaching chi...

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Deymi Esmeralda Ramirez Martinez

Deymi Esmeralda is in the 1st grade and lives with her mother who works as a maid to make ends meet. Deymi Esmer...

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