Mision Emanuel

Chía, Colombia

Misión Emanuel is a hub of hope for low income children in the region of Chía, a picturesque town in the Cundinamarca department of Colombia. Due to its proximity to Bogotá, Chía has effectively become a suburb of the capital of Colombia, with a population of 126,000 people. The armed conflict with the Colombian guerrillas in the mid ninety's has led to an emotionally and financially broken young adult generation that struggles to raise healthy families that can break away from a culture of abuse, abandonment, and violence. Misión Emanuel works tirelessly to this end, building a new generation of children by imparting timeless Christian values from God´s word to each child every day of the week. Children learn to develop a healthy view of God, themselves, and others, and use their talents and potential to bring God´s love back to their homes, their community, and future families.


Recent Updates

Andrea Regino Cortes

Andrea lives with her mother, her aunt and her grandmother and is in pre-school. Like many young children, Andre...

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Andy Rincon Sanchez

Andy loves to memorize verses from the Bible. He is in third grade but already dreams of studying medicine some ...

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Erwin Lopez Toscano

Erwin enjoys playing soccer, which he gets to do when he is attending Mision Emanuel. He especially likes it whe...

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Gabriela Pardo Perez

A preschooler, Gabriela loves strawberries and the color pink. She lives with her mom and would love to become a...

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Juan Esteban Paz Pasinga

Juan Esteban is like so many young boys in Colombia who love to play soccer and dream of becoming professionals ...

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Juan Felipe Isaza Galviz

Juan Felipe is a third grader who loves swimming. In fact, he dreams of growing up and becoming a professional s...

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Juaquin Castellanos Buitrago

Juaquin loves to eat pasta and chicken. He lives with his mom, dad and brother and loves to play soccer. At the ...

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Luciana Paz Pasinga

Luciana attends Mision Emanuel where she loves to learn the truth of the Bible and how it helps her think better...

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Mateo Patarroyo Palechor

Mateo lives with his mom and dad and his brother. He attends third grade and enjoys spending time at Mision Eman...

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Samara Gonsalez Lameda

Samara lives with her mom and brother and is in fifth grade. At Mision Emanuel, Samara has found new friends who...

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Samuel Patarroyo Palechor

A second grader, Samuel dreams of becoming a policeman when he grows up. He lives with his mother, father and br...

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Sergio Solano Alfonso

Sergio loves spending time at Mision Emanuel where he learns about the word of God. Often his favorite meal, ric...

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