What is Child Sponsorship?

It's simple but powerful! You commit to $39 per month and that money goes to one specific child who needs some support and encouragement to succeed in life.

By taking care of basic necessities, we open the door for a growing relationship between kids and their sponsors and give kids the opportunity to become world-changers themselves.

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Our Mission

To answer Jesus' call to change the world by connecting kids with people who care about them.

Mission Life is a non-profit child sponsorship organization based in New Hampshire and partnering with organizations in Colombia, Guatemala, and Rwanda to sponsor the amazing, smart, and beautiful children those countries are full of.





Stories of big needs and great hope

Shining light into the toughest places to be a child.

When you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life


By: Angel Galvis

After spending nearly 18 hours of travel from Boston to Kigali, Rwanda, my mind was foc...

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Mission Life April 2019 Video Update



We at Mission Life thank you for your support. Because of your help, 2019 has proven to be an exciting year al...

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New Partner Announcement: Exodo Foundation

Mission Life is pleased to announce the newest addition to our partnership family, the Exodo Foun...

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Where We Work

Financial Information

What do we do with the $39 per month sponsorship fee?

87% of the sponsorship money goes to providing funding for before and after-school programs (Monday through Friday). Programs include, but are not limited too, teaching daily devotions, scripture, and prayer time (Christian principles). Forming principles, and values in each child's life (change society). Making sure there is one nutritious meal per day provided.

Tutoring and help with homework. Help in covering school fees, the cost of supplies, uniforms, and shoes at the beginning of the school year. Programs to identify and empower artistic talents and abilities. Implement and run sports and aerobic programs, and to provide a comprehensive family integration plan (teach skills to parents).

The remaining 13% of funds goes toward covering Mission Life’s administrative costs.

Mission Life Address:

PO Box 1771

Manchester NH, 03105-1771

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